Jim Holmes – Candidate for Stark County Educational Service Center

A Registered Clinical Micro-Biologist is seeking reelection for a spot with the Stark County Educational Service Center.

Jim Holmes explained that his education and work experience helps give him more to bring to the table.

He is currently employed at Aultman Hosptial and noted 28 years of experience serving as a Perry Township Trustee. There he’s held several titles including Trustee President and Vice President.

Holmes noted a deep passion for keeping children and education as a top priority within the community.

“I’ve always believed in putting children first,” he explained.

Holmes detailed the variety of services the Educational Service Center provides to the Stark County community including efforts to save money, legal services, position negotiations, background checks and offering certifications.

 “We have a vast library of knowledge to the point where any school would have a problem they can call us and they would have immediate response and attention because we have experience of dealing with situations in crisis.”

He also noted work to provide the best and cheapest health care possible for all teachers and school employees, both union and non-union, in districts served by ESC.

“We’re there for support and security and safety to nurture our young students.”

If reelected, Holmes noted his goals would include expanding a program that currently provides computer networking a variety of schools, which helps save money. He explained the program includes school districts in Stark, Summit and even Wayne County.

He noted that the current ESC board has not gone out seeking other school districts to get involved in what they do, but rather school districts have come to them.

“In seven years we have grown, we have helped schools save money, we provide services to the disability children, and we educate them,” said Holmes. “We have qualified teachers to handle disability children and special needs, kids. We’re expanding that further on. I’ve done a good service. I’ve helped save money and plus expansion.”

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