Sherlock X. Ossa – Candidate for Lake Local School Board of Education

A resident of the Lake Local School District is among those hoping to be named the newest member of the Board of Education.

Sherlock X. Ossa has been a resident of the district for 10 years and is married to Shelly Ossa Moon, who is a 1989 graduate of Lake High School. The two have two children who have graduated from the district and a third that is currently enrolled in the district.

Ossa holds a B.A in Psychology from Palm Beach Atlantic University and was the owner of Ossa Technology Solutions LLC for 10 years, which serviced the Village of Hartville for over five years before it was sold to The Karcher Group, where Ossa served as the Data Service Manager.

Ossa recently accepted an offer to work as a Systems and Network Administrator for the Federal Judicial System in Northern Ohio.

Ossa is a former board member of the Edgewood Community Center where he served as Vice Chairman. He is also the former Chairman of Citizens for Lake, which worked to pass a levy through two failures before it was passed on the third attempt.

Ossa explained to that there among the challenges he hopes to have the opportunity to address, diversity is top of mind.
“The growing diversity in our school is a challenge as the school system. We have had families from other countries and I want to ensure that ESOL resources are available as well as support for the parents as they integrate into the community,” he explained. “I’d like to ensure that teachers have the ability to continue their training via workshops and other continuing education options so that they can continue to improve the great educational experience Lake students are receiving.”

Ossa went on to share his diverse background and personal history as a reason for his passion in this area.

“I am a first-generation American whose parents immigrated from Colombia in South America in 1971. I have seen my parents work hard to provide for our family and am keenly aware of the challenges that immigrant families, as well as families in lower income brackets, face,” explained Ossa. “I’d like to ensure that all students have the opportunity become involved and have access to all the resources that are available to them to help them achieve their full potential.”

He noted that community involvement would be another top priority for him should be elected to the Board of Education.

“I’d like to see what other avenues the School Board can open or highlight bringing the voice of the community to our board. The same goes for our educators. We have a great teaching staff and I’d like to make sure that there is no breakdown in communication with them and the School Board.”

Ossa also stressed his interest in working as a team with the entire board to push the district towards growth and success.

“As a board member I want to work with the other board members to advance ideas that benefit the students, the teachers and strengthen the community,” added Ossa. “I understand the importance of putting aside personal agendas to place the organization’s best interest before your own. A board should not be a political platform but rather a group of individuals who bring their life experience to better Lake Local Schools.”

Michaela Madison Reporting


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