Fun for trick or treat

Whether you are interested or not in trick or treat, if you have kids we want you to be able to celebrate with them. Some of us aren’t yet comfortable with the idea of going out due to covid so I am here to brainstorm fun ideas for you and your child.

1. Spooky Halloween hunt.

Go hide candy in the yard and have the kids go out at dark while playing scary music, this will give the Halloween spirit to you without the fear of the COVID monster.

2. Bob for….

Bobbing for apples, doughnuts that you tie on the string and try and eat after dipping into chocolate make for a laugh no one will forget.

3. Costume fashion show

Dress up and walk the hallway… runway!!! Enjoy the creepy creations that all family can enjoy.

4. Witch’s brooms!

A simple broom will do, tie a balloon on everyone’s leg and watch out try and pop each other’s balloons, this makes for fun for everyone!

Just because you may not be ready to go trick or treating doesn’t mean you are missing out on the fun, be creative, adapt and have a spoooky time.

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