Including You – National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Communities thrive when all people are working together!

Including You is brought to you by the Tuscarawas County Board of Develpmental Disabilities. 


The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities believes that a community is better when all people are working together. Officials believe in meaningful work experiences and greater opportunities to increase incomes, advance careers, and promote choice.

“We work with Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) to help people gain community employment. TuscBDD does not provide direct services, instead, we facilitate and coordinate the services and are a part of the team. It is important that we have qualified providers that offer excellent services, and we are lucky because we have those in our county,” as stated on the TuscBDD employment navigator. “Despite COVID-19 and the unusual circumstances that it has created, employers in the community are stepping up and hiring people with disabilities. Job coaches are still providing some services remotely and some in-person within the COVID-19 guidelines  We’ve had four new employment opportunities over the last month from Speedway, Litty’s Cakes and Cookies, The Manor, and Goodwill.”

Additionally, TuscBDD services focus on youth, which s what officials identify as Transition Services. This service is for young people that are 15 years old and up. “This is a great opportunity to connect these young people to opportunities where they can work with OOD to get vocational habilitation work experience, summer work experience, on-the-job training, and get them to an employable stage by the time they graduate high school,” officials explained. TuscBDD continues to work closely with schools to offer transition services; however it is being done remotely, for now.

TuscBDD’s Employment Navigator Can:

  • Coordinate employment services and assists the support team to focus on outcomes
  • Assist individuals receiving support services and their significant others in identifying, prioritizing and designing desired services and supports
  • Access the resources necessary to meet the person supported’s needs and foster desired outcomes, including assistance in the development of individual budgets
  • Assist job-seekers and their supporters to understand how having a career and a life in the community fit together
  • Develop short and long term support to assist job-seekers in progressing toward vocational goals including career advancement
  • Coordinate outside services and/or evaluations
  • Develop additional resources for individuals, including opportunities for job placement and mentoring with more experienced employees
  • Assist people supported and their families as appropriate, with obtaining an education, accessing community medical services, Medicaid State Plan services, other resources, and benefits in order to meet the needs of the person

Did you know?

  • People living with developmental disabilities have the opportunity to pursue community employment.
  • Assessments of job skill levels can be done by a job coach (provider) as they guide people through their employment process.
  • People have options to choose to be trained in an area of their interest, and employment navigation support is provided for free to people that are TuscBDD services eligible.
  • For Information about community employment or employment navigation services, please call TuscBDD’s Employment Navigator, Lou Paris, at 330.308.7170.

Learn more by visiting the TuscBDD Employment Navigator.

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