Gift Swap this Valentine’s Day

Gift Swap this Valentine’s Day -Saving Money may be a love language- take the challenge & fall in love with each other & savings!

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The challenge began digitally on last year’s Valentine’s Day when there was a Gift Swap Challenge on TikTok.  This popular trend gained traction and is still going strong into 2022 for married and dating couples (even best friends joined in the fun).

Valentines Gift Swap Challenge

  • Set a limit for each person ($25 or $35)
  • Purchase for your Valentine the following:
    1. Their Favorite Color
    2. Their Favorite Snack
    3. Their Favorite Drink
    4. Something they could Use in the House
    5. Something to do Together


This challenge forces one to think about what they know or think their Valentine would actually eat, drink and use.  This playful Valentine’s Challenge can lead to engaging conversation and deeper connection, not to mention keeping expectations clearly addressed and not overspending on expensive items.  What Valentines are yearning for is to be heard, understood, and cared for while making new memories for 2022.  Thinking about a fun way to celebrate that has limitations on spending is a way to be financially responsible and allocate funds to their best potential.  Growing funds for the future is important and not letting a holiday set one back should be considered.

Check out the married couples edition challenge posted on YouTube and TikTok.


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  • Saving Now to Make a future big-item purchase later!
  • Saving Money to Open a Savings Account to Save for a Vacation!
  • Start a College Savings Plan for your kids!
  • Open a Christmas Club Account for next Christmas!
  • Saving money to pay off debt!
  • Consider a home equity loan to help on a new outdoor project for the Spring and Summer!  How many more romantic nights could be had outside on a new patio with fire pit?!

For help with savings, spending, and investing, speak to a local banker to help set up a solid foundation!Financial Tip Friday


Gift Swap this Valentine’s Day

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