Have you visited Umbrella Alley?

(Louisville, Ohio) – A new attraction is now open in Stark County.

A colorful and unique site is now open in Louisville, umbrella alley. Hanging on a barely visible wire high above an alley in between stores along Main Street in the city’s downtown, 185 brightly colored umbrellas seem to be floating above onlookers.

Below the colorful umbrellas, passersby can enjoy a nice stroll along a brick-and-concrete alleyway or grab a seat in one of the colorful chairs placed along the walkway. The new attraction opened May 19th and is designed to become a public gathering spot for the city once communities are permitted to hold large scale events again.

Alanna Alexander stumbled upon the new attraction when driving through Louisville with her son, Landry. “We were on our way to a family cookout,” she explained. “We took a different route there, saw it as we drove by. [We] went around the block again and parked to get out. The cutest find! I think it would be cool to see when it’s raining.”

The design was created by Rick Guiley and his wife Raeann in close partnership with ArtsinStark and local company donations. You can follow Umbrella Alley on Facebook or on Instagram.

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