Healthy Tip Tuesday- A Healthy Heart is a Happy Heart

Not only is February a time for love, but it is a time to make sure that we are keeping our hearts healthy. Throughout the month of February, we will be talking about ways to make sure we are staying heart-healthy.  Read on to see what we will be sharing this month.

This weeks’ Healthy Tip Tuesday is brought to you in partnership with Trinity Hospital Twin City.

Throughout this month we will be giving tips for keeping ourselves and our kids’ hearts healthy and strong. Often times we think that heart health is something that declines with age, and while that has some truth the CDC shares that people of all ages need to build strong habits at a young age, or they could be at risk for early heart concerns.

We will spend time bringing awareness to Congenital Heart Defects. Specifically:

  • What a Congenital Heart Defect is
  • How it can affect kids into their adult life and their families
  • What we can do to be a support to those we know struggling

Nutrition, exercise, and genetics all play a key role in our heart health, our daily heart habits can set the tone for a positive outcome for a healthy heart. It’s never too late to start! We all need to support each other when it comes to setting examples for our kids when it comes to nutrition and exercise. Remember they model what they see us eating and are as active as we are. So that is a little extra motivation for all of the parents and caregivers out there!

Don’t forget that Trinity Hospital Twin City is a great resource for cardiac recovery if you are looking for support services.

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