Healthy Tusc Distributes Back-to-School Dental Kits & Other Projects Aimed to Improve Health

Anyone who has ever suffered a toothache knows that not much work gets done  with that kind of nagging pain and Health Tusc is working to protect local studentsfrom going through it.

IMG_0073Healthy Tusc’s Dental Health Committee, led by Pat Warther, Executive Director of the Tuscarawas Clinic for the Working Uninsured, has set out to make sure dental  problems don’t interfere with students’ learning at local schools.

Over 300 dental kits were provided to local organizations including the Tuscarawas County Health Department, Community Family Health Center, and HARCATUS.

Officials with Healthy Tusc’s dental health committee say they are focused on dental education, access, and the integration of dental health into overall medical care of low-income residents.

They add that the distribution of dental kits complements recent efforts by the Community Family Health Center to provide dental care to Medical recipients who  previously lacked any local service providers.
In a press release committee officials explained “incorporating dentistry into a person’s overall health picture is part of Healthy Tusc’s comprehensive approach to community wellbeing.”

In addition to the dental health kits, Healthy Tusc’s Obesity Action Committee has been promoting physically active lifestyles through the installation of bicycle racks  around local communities, participation in seminars. And advocacy for sidewalks  and crosswalks in infrastructure projects.

The press release goes on to explain the committee has also shared information with local business leaders about how to set up delicious and nutritious food options through locally-sources breakfast bars.

Furthermore, officials add that the Healthy Tusc Mental Health and Substance Abuse Committees have also conducted several activities and continue to recognize that mental health plays a large role in overall quality of life and reduction of substance

Michaela Madison Reporting 

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