Helping Hands – Services and resources available to help families afford quality childcare programs

Choosing quality and reliable childcare services is a priority for many parents, but affording those at the top of the list may seem daunting.

Helping Hands comes to you in partnership with COAD for Kids. 

While quality childcare can be expensive, you don’t have to lower your standards because you may qualify for state assistance. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services has a variety of resources and supports to help.

Self Assessment

The state offers a Self Assessment resource designed for you to quickly and easily find out if your household may able to get:

  • Low or no cost healthcare
  • Help to pay medicare premiums
  • SNAP
  • Cash Assistance
  • And more.

You simply answer a few short questions to see if your household is eligible. You complete the questions based on your household’s conditions now. Estimates are allowed, but officials recommend they be as correct as possible. After finishing the Assessment, you can review your answers and change them if necessary. The self-assessment can only tell you that your household may qualify for benefits and services. Officials note it is not a promise that you will receive them. In order for officials to determine whether you are eligible for benefits and services, there are other steps that must be taken. You must submit an application for officials to determine whether you qualify.

Early Childhood Services

Additionally, this same resource helps you determine if there are resources you may qualify for related to early childhood services.

The Early Childhood Services Eligibility Self-Assessment is a tool that can help your family select an early childhood service:

For help with answering the questions in this tool, please use the
Early Childhood Services Eligibility Self-Assessment User Guide or Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have answered the questions, your results will be shown. This tool is not an application. Please contact or apply for every service you are interested in, even if listed as not eligible. Click on each service for more information.

Child Care Benefits

And there’s more. There is also a self-assessment opportunity to determine what help is available to you related to child care benefits. This resource directs you to the application login page where you can fill out and submit an application to receive services.

Help is available. For more information related to quality childcare, childcare facilities near you, and more, be sure to visit


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