Hope for Ashland Families’ Childcare Needs

The Women’s Fund Steering Committee of Ashland County Community Foundation is giving hope for Ashland families’ childcare needs.

April 6th, 2021, the committee officially announced it’s commitment to enhance access to reasonably priced childcare options.  Chief Program Officer from Community Foundation, Kristin Apsin explains, “We are still holding our annual grants cycle for local nonprofits, deadline May 15. However, this year’s grants will be focused on supporting new childcare initiatives or expansions of current childcare offerings in Ashland County.”  In the past the grants have always focused on benefiting children and women in the Ashland community.

                                              Childhood Center Initiative


The second initiative the Community Foundation will focus on, is planning to be a fiscal sponsor to a brand new childcare center.  The intentions are to help fundraise and bring community members with the same desires together.  It’s  important to note, the Community Foundation won’t be in charge of the day to day operations of the center.  Aspin reports that preliminary research has revealed Industrial Park may be a possible location of the new childcare center.

Aspin explains, “This childcare initiative is focused on supplementing, not competing with what other daycare providers are able to offer. We’re focused on meeting some of the needs that existing childcare providers have told us they’re currently unable to meet. Whether that’s infant care or second and third shift care or more affordable options.”

In addition, it has potential to add employment opportunities for Ashland, and local businesses more able to employ workers with children.  The desire is to offer more options as families grow in the areas.  Aspin explains, “Once operational, the childcare center will be eligible to apply for grants, receive endowment distribution dollars, [or] receive fees for service.”

Thanks to the tremendous amount of The Community Foundation’s work, there’s a new hope for Ashland families’ childcare needs.


Those interested in partnering with the Community Foundation to assist in seeing this initiative come into existence can click here.

Monetary donations can be made online here or by mailing a check with Women’s Fund Childcare Initiative in the subject line to:

Ashland County Community Foundation

300 College Avenue

Ashland, OH 44805

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