Hospital to Offer Free Grocery Store Tour

Trinity Hospital Twin City is offering a free opportunity for anyone interested to learn how to shop healthier!

The Free Grocery Store Tour is hosted by the hospital’s Diabetes Wellness Program and is open to anyone interested in learning more and participants can choose the tour time that is most convenient for them.

Certified Diabetes Educator, Lu Ann Beavers-Willis (RN, MSN), will provide a tour of the store and share strategies about how to how to read and understand food labels, how to create proper serving sizes, and how to include the healthiest foods on your grocery shopping list.

“Navigating the grocery store can be a challenge with so many choices available when you have limited time and money,” explained Beavers-Willis. “A grocery store tour provides practical skills to help you focus your shopping on the finding the healthiest foods and making wise choices by reading and understanding nutrition labels.”

The event will be held at 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6th at Buehler’s New Philadelphia Store, 417 South Broadway.

is required for these free stores and can be made by calling (740) 922-7450, ext. 2177.

Michaela Madison Reporting


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