How Does Earth Day and Health come Together?

At the end of this week, Earth Day is celebrated in a variety of capacities, and health can be incorporated as well. Many people may be thinking what does Earth Day have to do with health. It has everything to do with health and living a healthy lifestyle. Getting outside more and enjoying nature is a crucial benefit to our physical and mental health. Earth is one way for us to give back and support our land and waters that desperately need us to take care of them. Read on to learn more about some of the benefits activities on Earth Day can provide personal and different ways to get out and enjoy nature in everyday living.

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What are Earth Day activities?

  • Clean-ups along roadways, schools, and parks. Picking up trash and sorting recycling is a great form of physical activity for the body. One is working either short or long distances and bending over to sort trash. This can be low-impact work for the body.
  • Planting trees and bushes. This is another form of physical activity that will get a person’s heart rate up a little more. It gets the hands in the dirt and sunshine on the face.
  • Organize an outdoor scavenger hunt. A great way to connect kids to nature is to get them outside. Create a fun game outside for them to collect nature items such as pinecones, bird seeds, etc. This helps the youth get out and run around as well.

How can people connect more with nature in their daily lives? Consider taking a trip to one of Ohio’s state parks. There are also many smaller areas to explore, hike, and experience. Another great Ohio outdoor resource can be found here.

Once a great outdoor space is found, what are the next steps?
  • Look up What do you see?
  • Look down- What is under your feet?
  • Listen- Stop and listen. What do you hear?
  • Don’t overthink it- just enjoy nature.

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