How Lucky Are We To Make It Through Pregnancy & Childbirth?

How Lucky Are We To Make It Through Pregnancy & Childbirth? – Leprechauns aren’t the only ones who are lucky! To experience motherhood is truly lucky. The marks, scars, and pooch left on our body are proof that luck is on our side! We are mothers. We are powerful. And we will show ourselves some well-deserved appreciation and love right here on Newsymom!

This informational campaign comes to you in partnership with the Stark County Community Action Agency.

We’ll be seeing a lot of leprechauns and green this month, but the one thing you should give more thought to this month is how you can show yourself some more love. As moms, we’re so lucky we were able to make it through the exhausting trials of pregnancy & childbirth, alive.

Motherhood is empowerment.

Every stretch mark, scar, and wrinkle you wear is a badge of your strength and resilience. So when you need some encouragement and self-love, keep these words close by:

You Are Powerful

You carried that beautiful baby inside you, creating the perfect, loving home. Your body nourished that wiggly baby as you ate your way through house and home and slept as deep as a bear in hibernation. (Or at least tried to.)

You went to every appointment and asked every question to ensure your little one would come out happy, healthy, and full of life! You trudged through months of nausea, vomiting, and all the aches, pains, and swelling pregnancy brings.

Then, it was time.

Baby Is Finally Here!

You delivered your baby, whether that meant a natural birth, induction, Caesarian… There’s no shame in any of the methods that you used to get your baby here, safe and sound.

Look at your baby. Now, look at your body. Don’t criticize; just look.

Look at the body that grew and carried your beautiful babe until they were ready to meet the world. Look at the home your baby came from. When you gaze at every mark and scar on your belly, beam with joy at the luck of making it through those trials alive.

You have won the ultimate pot o’ gold being able to experience motherhood. Show your body more love and appreciation for all it’s done to bring you to these moments.

Show yourself love, because you did it! You brought your baby into the world.

Self-Love Challenge

Each day this month, take five minutes to love yourself. Pick something about your body to show care for in these five minutes.

One day, you could start with massaging your feet while saying something like, “Thank you for carrying me through my journey in motherhood so far. And thank you for continuing to do so from this day on.

The next day, massage lotion on your belly and stretch marks while saying, “Thank you for providing my baby with a warm, safe home until they were ready to meet me.

Take the challenge! Remember this while you’re scrolling online, the Instagram moms with no stretch marks don’t exist. (It’s all filters, girl…Behind the scenes, they’re just like you and me!)

Make the effort to love yourself a little more each day.

Every mom needs a boost, and luckily for us, the SCCAA Community Actions Pathway HUB is the place to get it! They’ve got the education, resources, and support to help new and pregnant mothers get through the ups and downs of motherhood. You can call them at 330.454.1676 ext. 153 or visit online at:

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