How to Get Licensed for Family Child Care in Tuscarawas County

How to Get Licensed for Family Child Care in Tuscarawas County – Since the 2020 pandemic, the number of child care centers dropped drastically! The need for child care is here, and you could be getting paid to take care of littles on your own schedule! Learn how to get licensed right here on Newsymom!

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We’ve heard in the news how much Tuscarawas County is struggling to keep up with the demand for child care. (And honestly all over Ohio.) With workplaces sending everyone back to the workforce or parents working from home needing child care to focus on their work, the demand is so high!

Just How Much Did Demand Rise in 2020?

Just to put it in perspective, the number of child care spaces open in 2018 was a little over 526,000. In 2020, that number dropped to 123,930 spaces! 

Take a look below at more of the report:

How to Get Licensed for Family Child Care

If you’re interested in making some money as a stay at home mom, consider opening your home to child care! You could make your hours and charge your own rates to watch after littles (while caring for your own).

Follow this guide to get started:

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