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How to Handle a Child Who Is a Picky Eater

If your child is a picky eater you know firsthand how frustrating it can be as a parent.

When you are dealing with a fussy eater it can feel as if nothing that you prepare will please them. However, this is the stage that many children go through and they will outgrow it. 

However, while you have to deal with it, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for yourself and your child.

Structure Meal Times

Children enjoy routines even if they seem not to. One of the things you can do to help them to get used to trying new foods is to give them meals at the same time each day. 

Also, instead of serving them let them serve themselves. Put the food on the table and let them take the portions that they would like. 

Of course, you need to monitor this to make sure that they pick food from everything that is on the table and try new things. By allowing them to be independent you will make children feel as if they are more in control of what they are eating, instead of you trying to force them.

Become a Role Model

One way in which you can encourage your child to eat more is to become a role model for healthy eating yourself. Make eating an event where the whole family sits together and then you can model eating healthy foods in good portion size. 

Children will pick up on these cues and will start eating healthier than themselves.

Praise Your Child

When you praise your child for eating well it will encourage them to do this more. When you serve a new food if you notice that they take particular interest in it then encourage them with praise. 

It doesn’t matter whether they offer to help you pour it into a dish, or ask to taste it. Once they show any form of interest it’s time to give them some encouragement. You could also give them incentives for trying new foods. 

For example, you could allow them to choose an item for playtime from an online store such as Foryourlittleone online. This makes it easy for them to pick out what they would like ahead of time or soon after they have successfully tried new food.

Introduce New Foods Slowly

When you introduce new foods to your child make sure that you do so slowly. Give them a small portion of the new food every other day or so and get them accustomed to it. 

As you do this, they will become more comfortable with eating new dishes and you will have a higher chance of getting it into their diet permanently.

Start Healthy Eating 

Sometimes all it takes for your child to start eating healthy and to stop being extra picky is for you to develop a few smart strategies that will get them into a healthier eating mode. Take the time to carefully analyze the strategies that work with your child and then use them as often as possible to get them to try out new foods and to eat more.

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  2. Picky eating is one of those attributes that most people grow out of in time, but this is good insight to help parents that may be struggling with getting their children to eat a more diverse array of foods.

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