3 Easy Budgeting Lessons with Kids Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 provides an opportunity to teach the littles what family budgeting is like along with gratitude.

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Children learn by observation but this 2021 Thanksgiving break, take the time to explain not only verbally but visually the financial journey.  Parents tend to think kids will naturally soak in budgeting, however, it is a taught lesson.  One which should involve early learning banking sense.

Thanksgiving 2021 Budgeting with Kids

1. Show them how to make a budget
    • Use a Free Printable Thanksgiving budget planner.
    • Young children can cut and paste photos of what their meal will be like and adults can write the prices (practicing fine motor, communication, and academic number sense skills)
    • Older children can compare store pricing and write the store name, product, and price.
    • Free printable worksheets can be found here.
2. Implement Gratitude Challenge
    • Free kid-friendly printables here.

Thanksgiving 2021

    • Reinforce the importance of gratitude with a kid’s gratitude meditation!

3. Open a checking or savings account for your child
    • Encourage them to keep their balances on large graph paper.

For help with savings, spending and investing, speak to a local banker to help set up a solid foundation!Financial Tip Friday

Thanksgiving 2021 Budgeting with Kids

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  1. Budgeting is a good skill that children should be able to pick up early in life, as it allow them to not only better understand the value of money but save more over longer periods of time.

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