4 Tips For Planning The Most Amazing Kids Party

Your child will only ever turn their age once so you should make each birthday as special as you possibly can. You don’t have to get big fancy presents or hire out an enormous bouncy castle to make it special either.

Ask your child what they would like to do on their birthday, it may be as simple as going out somewhere with you and other people close to them. 

Your child might really want to have a birthday party. Here are four things you need to think about when planning a birthday party for your child. 


Where will you be hosting the party? If your own property is too small or you simply don’t fancy the idea of having loads of children running around then think about other suitable places. You can hold a party anywhere these days, from the local village hall to an ice cream parlor. If your child loves ice cream then an ice cream parlor might be the perfect venue for their party. 

Trampolining is another great idea. The venue will host the party and the kids get to burn all their excess energy on the play equipment while you and the other parents have a chit-chat. Wherever you choose, make sure that you are clear on what you are getting. Some places offer food and drink with the total cost, other places will charge just for the venue. 


The next thing you need to think about is how many guests your child wants and who they are. If your child is school age, the school might have a policy where if your child is having a party then the whole class has to be invited. Not every school has this policy so it is worth double-checking. Your child may already know who they want to invite so it is just a case of sending out the invites. 

Ensure you listen to your child, if they say they don’t want a particular individual at their party there is probably a good reason for this. When you send out the invites be sure to include who’s party it is, where it is, when it is, and where to send the RSVP. 


The cake is usually the main star of the show at parties. Everyone loves cake and it is super exciting watching your child’s face as everyone sings happy birthday to them. You might be getting a personalized cake with your child’s name and age. The good thing about personalized cakes is that you can get them made in a flavor that your child likes and in the shape of a character they like. For example, they might like Pokemon, so you could get a Pokeball-shaped cake. You can also be in control of the toppings when you get a personalized cake, marshmallow fondant is very popular these days or you can opt for the usual royal icing. 

There are also many options for cakes in supermarkets. Personalized cakes can be a tad pricey so opting for a shop-bought cake could save you some money. 


No children’s party is complete without some form of entertainment. Think about what your child might like or ask them what entertainment they would like. They might want a bouncy castle so they can enjoy it with their friends. They may also choose a magician, these are great. Make sure you check reviews or ask your friends if they have used anyone previously who they can recommend. 

If your child is older they might like to have a mini disco, with a DJ and disco ball. You could also add in a photo booth so they have wonderful memories to remember their party. 


You don’t have to go crazy and spend an absolute fortune on your child. You might want to buy big extravagant gifts but they don’t really need them. Ask your child what they would like for their birthday, the answer may just surprise you. If your child is into their tech you could get them something related to that such as some Bluetooth wireless headphones or a new controller for their games console.

When buying gifts there is a five rule diagram to follow. Something they need, something they want, something to read, something to wear, and something to do. If you follow this simple rule then your child will never end up with too many unwanted gifts. Children often get many presents at parties so you can be flooded with presents they may never use. 

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