How to Make Money as a SAHM

How to Make Money as a SAHM – Times are tough and they’re only getting tougher. Finding a decent-paying job AND affordable childcare is a true challenge, but you CAN make money as a stay-at-home-mom! Since you’re already watching your little ones, why not bring in some additional income by taking care of other kids, too? Learn more about how COAD gives you all the tools to start your childcare business for FREE right here on Newsymom!

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Tuscarawas County (and all of Ohio, really) is experiencing a shortage of childcare! Families across the county are desperate to find quality, affordable childcare to watch their kids so they can go back to work (or when they need a day to themselves to wind down).

If you’ve been at home watching your kids, you could be doing the same watching others’ children to make some extra cash. And to top off all this great news, COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia is providing you with TONS of free resources and financial support to start your new childcare business. Keep reading for more on this awesome benefit!

Being a Childcare Provider: Behind-the-Scenes

As a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), you’re likely already a master at all the things that make for an awesome childcare provider. You probably already:

  • Make lunches
  • Play with your kids in exciting and engaging new ways
  • Put them down for nap time
  • Preparing your kids for school with learning activities

All of these things you do everyday for your kids can help you bring in some more money for your family!

Another perk to opening your home for other kids: endless playdates with your kids’ new friends!

Speaking of Income…

When it comes to the finances, COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia is giving you tons of resources, support, and assistance, for FREE. In an effort to provide more childcare availability for families in Tuscarawas County, they’re doing everything they can to ensure you have the best chance of success in your new business.

Here’s your earning potential:
  • You set your own prices.
  • If you offer private pay, that means you collect what’s owed from parents directly.
  • If you sign an agreement with JFS, you could be earning these amounts* from JFS for each child:
*This is the maximum amount JFS is willing to pay for care; however, this doesn’t mean this is ALL you will get for a child’s care! If your rate is higher, then you would have parents pay a copay, while collecting the rest from JFS.
  • You can offer part-time or full-time childcare. Though most families are looking for full-time care, you could take on part-time as well!
  • Your rates are also affected by your Step Up to Quality rating. Click the link to learn more.

And Finally, Let’s Look at Your Expenses:

Your expenses are A LOT less than you think! You can:

  • Get reimbursed for most food expenses.
  • Reduce costs by having families provide diapers/wipes, etc.
  • No real estate costs if you provide care in your home.

However, you should also consider slightly higher utility expenses and the new expense of liability insurance.

Let’s Get Started!

COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia is here and ready to get you started in your new role in childcare! There are TONS of benefits that COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia are here to help you with. This program is a beautiful chance for you to make money from home, watch your kids make friends, and fill a need right here at home in Tuscarawas County.

To get started on this journey, contact COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia by calling (330) 364-8882 or click this link to learn more about starting your own childcare business: Start Your Own Childcare Business

We’ll keep you up-to-date on all of these amazing programs allowing moms to spend time with their kids and earn income from home! Continue to follow COAD4Kids – New Philadelphia on Facebook for more information. 

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