How to teach diversity to your babies and why you should.

Parents can teach diversity to their young children, even babies, during their regular play times. Make it fun and engaging with these tips.

It’s never too early to introduce your child to differences people have all over the world.

When you teach your child about diversity, you are helping them see that other people’s differences are not strange or bad. Our differences are what make us unique and special. As parents, we control the narrative in letting our children know that everyone is different and have different backgrounds, but we are all humans on the inside.

If a parent does not teach diversity, their children might learn negative connotations about differences from other people. Other people might not hold the same beliefs as you.

Just as older babies can recognize different people, they’ll be able to recognize different races, skin colors, and genders. To make them familiar with a range of different types of people, you can help introduce that diverse range through play.

Here are two ways you can teach diversity to your baby.

Tummy Time

All parents know that tummy time can be a little tricky. One way to make tummy time go a little more smooth is putting out items for them to engage.

A few things that you can lay out are basic pictures of people’s faces. You can use different colors of people so they’re familiar that there isn’t one skin color.

If pictures are too overwhelming, skin color play doh is amazing. When they’re old enough to start reaching, they’ll enjoy the new texture of play doh and it’s safe for them. Plus, it’s an amazing way to introduce them to play doh and how fun it is to play with.

Other things you can lay out are books too.

Remember, when your child is doing tummy time, make sure to keep a watchful eye on them or get down and play with them too.


One of the best ways to introduce your child to anything is through books.

There’s so many children’s books that have diverse characters and situations that will be fun and entertaining to your child. When your child sees there’s characters that don’t look just like them, they can understand there’s different types of people in the world.

Reading also gives us the opportunity to walk in another person’s shoes for a little while. As they grow older, your child will be able to gain some insight on what it’s like to be in another person’s situation.

When you teach diversity to your child, it’s not about understanding everything that happens to other races or people. It’s about gaining an awareness that people are different and it’s okay. That we shouldn’t judge someone by their race, socioeconomic status, gender, ability level, and anything and everything else.

Teaching diversity is teaching about loving everyone and it starts now.

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