A Family Must-Do Experience: The Mohicans Treehouse

Experiencing 1 out of 18 falls with my kids at The Mohicans Treehouse will be a memory we will all share for a lifetime.

Moms- you know we only have 18 summers, falls, winters, & springs with our kiddos where we can mandate “family time.”  This is the most recommended experience gift that should top your family bucket list!  Experience gifts like this create opportunities for quality togetherness, creativity, and bonding.

  • Our stay at White Oak Treehouse was …..magical.  It may sound cliche but hear me out.

  • The anticipation was weighty since there are videos of each treehouse featured on

  • Here are the 3 Zs learning we are going to spend the night in a Treehouse!

*Note- plan on sharing the news with your family appropriately as there will be a daily question of “How many more days until we can sleep in a treehouse?!”  Helpful hint- make a countdown calendar!

  • The Family Fun actually begins once you hit Wally Road.  

      • Turn off the car music or DVD player & call all attention to your surroundings.

  • The lack of a nice smooth “paved” road is very evident as you drive around a curvy scenic forest, traveling deeper and deeper into unspeakable natural beauty.

      • We have 18 falls to watch the leaves turn, and this is one vivid memory etched into all our mind’s eye.

  • It was rainy during our trip, all day, all night, and a wet morning as well. Driving through Mohicans and seeing strung lights on individual tree houses shimmering in the rain created a tangible excitement and eagerness to find our White Oak treehouse.

  • To our surprise, White Oak had its designated parking space near the Wedding/Party venue which was lit up as well.

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  •  There are only 18 Falls where the ground is covered by leaves and when your children are still young.

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  • 18 Falls of peering out the window, but only 1 experience at Mohican Treehouse where the view takes your breath away and there is a tree shooting through the porch.  The Zs were amazed at how so much of the treehouse was actually made of wood.

  • Each treehouse has an outdoor firepit,  firewood and chairs, grill, and indoor cooking with a toaster oven, stove, microwave & (the beloved) coffee pot!

  • Linens, towels, silverware, plates, cups, and everything essential for our family were neatly organized and cleanly prepared for us.

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  • A Personalized letter with gorgeous stationery lay awaiting our arrival and making us feel instantly welcome.

  • We traveled far for this experience, even though it rained the whole time, the Zs were still in awe of nature.

  • We were stunned by the beauty of the whole campground and our White Oak Treehouse.

Check out this sunrise!  What a way to wake up!!

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  • The sound of the rain on the roof of a treehouse is melodic and peaceful.

  • 18 falls and this one washed our souls as it rained.

  • Coloring, family game of dominos, laughs and family dinner conversations surrounded by windows in a treehouse- what an experience!

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  • We were able to explore nearby our treehouse- the gorgeous Grand Barn for Weddings and parties.  The 3Zs all vowed they wanted to get married there (when these 18 falls go by in the blink of an eye).

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  • When the grandparents or Aunts & Uncles ask what the kids want for Christmas this 2021- tell them, an experience at The Mohican Treehouse Resort!  Gift cards can be purchased here.

  • The Mohicans are open all year round since their treehouses have indoor bathrooms as well as heat- glamping at its finest!

Endless Fun Awaits

  • There’s plenty of local attractions to keep the kids busy in the Spring, Summer & Falls nearby the Mohicans.  On the Mohican property, there is a gorgeous lake to go fishing in as well as trails to hike. 

  • Print off and bring nature scavenger hunts.

  • The Mohicans thoughtfully created a list of area attractions here.  It includes fun such as:

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