High School+The PAC+The House Jacks

Local Highschool Choirs + KSU Tuscarawas PAC + The House Jacks joined together for one FABULOUS night before Halloween!

You don’t need to PAC a bag because the drive from Canton area is only 40 minutes!  77 S then 250 E.  boom you’re there.  The drive is everything a relaxing drive should be; few cars/trucks, true scenic “Ohio feeling” of farms, rolling acres, trees, bends and land=beautiful.

Upon arrival= You wonder if you’re heading the correct direction because there is little “new build” around- however, tucked in Tusc. is an impressive Kent State campus.  The buildings are massive and contemporary, the sidewalks and landscaping is kept up and it is easy to get around because of great signage.

Parking (a true treasure)– There is plenty of FREE parking with that is well lit all within eyesight and a close walk to the theater.

Safety–  There were 2 police officers present at the theater.

Theater– What more can a Mom ask for- bright, inviting, and clean!!  There is bountiful staff greeting and holding doors open, helping find seats.  The theater is beautiful, from the semi-circular windowed lobby to the plush red seats.

David Mitchell, General Manager at the Performing Arts Center at Kent State University Tuscarawas in New Philadelphia, Ohio created a once in a lifetime special evening for the community and local high schoolers.  One of the country’s award-winning acapella groups called “The House Jacks” came to inspire, teach and entertain the crowds from California to Ohio on Saturday, October 30th.

The House Jacks consist of 5 male voices who can turn spit into a beautiful thing! Featuring:

  • Austin Willacy
  • Colin Egan
  • Tracy Robertson
  • Grayson Villanueva
  • Greg Fletcher

 The PAC + The House Jacks

This special evening featured local choirs from the following high schools:
  • Dover
  • Indian Valley
  • New Philadelphia
  • Ridgewood
The House of Jacks told Newsymom, “We were honored to be performing again, and really enjoyed working with the students. We are so grateful that our return to live performance was with such a warm and welcoming community.  We could tell that the kids were just so thrilled to finally be making music together again. And we were too”


There were about 67 high school students ranging from 14-18 years old who gained phenomenal advice, insights & tips from the professionals.

 Check out a behind the scenesvideo of them preparing Lorde's song "Solar Power" for the concert here.

Savor this clip from the grand finale at the House Jacks performance:


Upon entering the beautiful PAC building, the local choirs were serenading the crowd with a pre-show in the lobby.  With lights strung overhead and a star-filled evening backdrop, the high schoolers had a captive audience!

The show had a variety of original songs, classics, hilarious group participation for beatboxing & an unbelievable section where audience members requested a song and they sang (or made it up)!  There were a few special songs sung without microphones that were incredibly touching as well.

Find their music on Spotify Crowned World's #1 Music Streaming App - Hi Res ...  

The House Jacks thanked KSU PAC for welcoming and showing such warm hospitality.

What a treasure Tuscarawas has!

Check out upcoming events at the PAC:

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PAC Tickets

  • A complete list of performances and ticket prices is online at www.kent.edu/tuscpac.
  • First Fed 15 Package (10 shows for just $15 each), can be purchased here.
  • Tickets can be purchased in person at the Performing Arts Center box office, by calling 330-308-6400 or online at. The box office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mitchell stated, “In celebration of the PAC’s 10th Anniversary and thanks to an investment by First Federal Community Bank, we’re excited to announce our new First Fed 15 Package. First Federal and the Performing Arts Center share a commitment to invest in our community by keeping the arts accessible and affordable.

This package of 10 shows for just $15 each when purchased as a complete package exemplifies that shared goal,” said Mitchell. Shows included in the First Fed 15 Package are:

  • We Banjo 3, Magic & Mayhem
  •  Jeff Allen
  • Cirque Mechanics: Birdhouse Factory
  • The Cleverlys
  • Eleanor Dubinsky
  • The House Jacks
  • Third Coast Percussion
  • The Unauthorized Biography Series
  • That Golden Girls Show: A Puppet Parody
Don't forget about the amazing First Fed 15 Package!

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