I wish you weren’t coming into this world…

As the big day gets closer and closer, I wish you weren’t coming into this world.

As we prepare to celebrate your 4th birthday, I’m reminded of a letter I wrote to you before you were born…a message of how cruel this world can be. So again my baby:

I wish you weren’t coming into THIS world. In this world people eat from the garbage just to calm the sting of hunger for another cold, dark night. Home to some is a narrow ally, a park or even under a bridge.

In this world the bright screen of a phone trumps the warm glow of the sun for others. Social media consumes young lives while parks and imaginations run dry.

In this world, money is the deadliest weapon. Greed puts man against man leaving dollar for dollar stained red.

In this world, those brought here with you and not long before are left in the shadows; abandoned without guidance and protection from this world.

Instead of learning from what is different, in this world the fear of the unknown convinces us to vow to destroy all we may not
understand.In this word nations of like people are divided as what could make us stronger is weakened by ignorance.

In this world, even one’s own life is handled without care and the lives of others with even less. For reasons unknown foolishness often takes the wheel as eyes are glued to a screen where a message is so urgent a life is worth the exchange.

In this world my sweet baby, a badge doesn’t always mean protection. Power and control can at times be a designed hero’s chief commander. But, also in this world, to serve and to protect becomes an acceptance of hate and distrust from all you hope to save.

Entitlement has taken over like the plague in this world, rotting brains of work ethic, common sense and respect.

In this world we brew our own death for sale. We feed addiction as it runs rampant, stealing life after life

In this world, who you see when you look to the sky may kill you depending from where you watch the clouds.

In this world, not all love is tolerated. A heart yearning only to utter three powerful words to those whom they mean them most is ripped from a chest by what society has so naively labeled as “normal.”

Sadly, even the kindest of words can often have intentions to lure towards evil. In this world some who seem genuine are discretely fueled by the darkness of this world.

So, my baby…I wish you weren’t coming into this world. But, you may be our only hope.

Be part of a generation that sees light in this darkness we’ve created. Be the hand that reaches for another soul in need. Be one born with an accepting and understanding heart. Allow your love of life and joy to be contagious. My sweet child, I hope you become part of the change we all so desperately need…in this world.

<3 Your mom.

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