If It’s Not One Thing It’s Another

Excited, Person, Happy, Young, WomanThis expression is sums me up, right now. So lately I have found the old time saying to be remotely true. Literally if it’s not one thing it’s another.

While I have found ways to manage our household schedules, it just feels like if one schedule is spot one something else is going haywire. So I managed to get settled into a schedule where I can cook dinner nightly around football and homework. But then the twins decide that pooping during football is like their poop time. Not a problem right? I’m well prepared, diapers-wipes check. Oh no Shiloh has decided instead of going potty or just saying “I pooped” she needs to take her poop out her diaper. Funny not funny. It’s a stressor because all my attempts to potty train have failed and she knows exactly what she’s doing! So it any of you seasoned moms have some potty training advice send it my way! And make it good enough for twins because even though Samson is not taking his poop out- he won’t go either lol

That’s seems light right? NOT considering my days are long and my professional workload has grown lately. Now I don’t mind a good challenge but I have found myself lately digging deep inside me to muster up the strength I need to keep the house clean, keep the laundry on schedule, stay positive at work, be a good sports mom/Coach (in my mind I’m totally a coach lol), help with homework, remember to write on my writing days, read, eat right, not buy lunch everyday and coffee lol, spend time with my husband  and do my homework.

I promise you there are not enough hours in the day and if it’s not one thing it’s another. Though this may seem like a verbal rant, the reality is- IT IS lol sometimes you just have to let it out. Get strategic and move one. No matter how many things come my way whether all at once or one at a time. I won’t be defeated.

It’s hard as mom to find that balance, keep our footing balanced and the more kids you have the harder it gets. But I just want to encourage some moms that taking things one day at a time is better than trying to juggle everything and dropping some of the balls. Be intentional about not placing unrealistic expectations on yourself. Everyday will come and go, what you accomplish in that day depends on you!

If it’s not one thing it’s another- but those things don’t have to stifle your productivity! Be blessed mommas and let your days be fruitful and less frustrating!

Photo by Robbin Higgins

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