Including You – Family Mentors are Here to Help

All over the world, parents of children with developmental disabilities are experiencing a schedule and routine change of epic proportions, which can result in epic internal feelings of instability within children and their families.

When adults are internally off balance, we find it hard to focus, difficult to plan, and altogether too much to process. Children experience the same feelings when they feel internally off balance. Children with developmental disabilities can feel this in a more intense way, which can lead to family challenges. Often children with autism and other developmental disabilities thrive when they know what to expect, and they regularly find comfort in a schedule or routine type of day.

Parents may be wondering how to support a child who does not adapt quite as easily as his peers during a global pandemic. It is best to check in and keep appointments with your health care professionals when you feel it is necessary. Another resource of support is in parent and family mentoring. While I am no expert on behavior intervention, I do know that there are several attentive and kind TuscBDD mentors available for families to connect with. TuscBDD’s Family Mentorship program is a free and informal support network for people looking for information and resources. The program is designed for mentors to help parents and caregivers to navigate the agencies that their children utilize as well as serve as a person to talk to. You can get in touch with a mentor from the program by phone and/or email. To view the Family Mentorship brochure, please visit


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