Introducing… 2021 Fair Queen: Riley Randolph!

Introducing… 2021 Fair Queen: Riley Randolph! – Riley Randolph has 4-H running through her veins. (Pictured here as 2021 Fair Queen, alongside Fair King, Cameron Brandt.) Coming from three generations of family members involved heavily in 4-H, Riley gives us the reasons why 4-H involvement is the perfect way to help shape your child’s character and make an impact in their community! Learn more about Riley’s story right here on Newsymom!

If you met Riley Randolph, you’d figure out pretty quickly that she’s a gal who takes action in her community! After speaking with her, you’d also realize what an incredible wealth of knowledge she has, most of which she credits to being involved with 4-H since she was nine years old.

Riley and 4-H go together like milk and cereal! Here, she raised 2015’s Grand Champion Lamb, weighing a whopping 134 lbs.!
4-H Builds Character

“The biggest challenge of being in 4-H is learning how to balance my time,” she says. “While raising animals, you have to make sure they’re being cared for! You have to spend quality time with them, be consistent, and take care of them when they’re sick… yes, they get sick like people, too!”

Riley comes from three generations of family heavily involved with 4-H, so with their guidance and her grit, she’s looking forward to her hard work paying off with her projects this year! She’ll have market steer and goats available for sale at the Tuscarawas County Fair.

Meet Riley’s market goat: Thor! Named after the God of Thunder in the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor is the “grandpa” of the barn. He’s quiet and grumpy when he’s hungry! (Though, aren’t we all?) He enjoys walks with his other pen buddies.
4-H Involvement Takes Grit

This year’s projects include market steer and goats, but Riley’s raised a variety of animals! Each animal has unique needs and personalities, very much like people.

“It’s important to bond with your animal,” she says. “For your animal to trust you, you’ll have to spend quality time together.”

Meet Waylon: Riley’s market steer! Waylon has a white body with a black head and spots, and is the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet! He loves head scratches and looking pretty!
4-H Involvement is Rewarding

The reward is tremendous! With 4-H involvement, your kids can learn and practice all the same qualities Riley shows each day: determination, patience, trust, and consistency. For more information on getting your child involved with the Tuscarawas 4-H program, reach out to Kiersten Heckle at

You can find Riley and her market steer and goats at this year’s Tuscarawas County Fair!

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