JFS Shares Information on PRC Program

In Part Five of an exclusive 2018 Newsymom.com series, Tuscarawas County Job and Family Services a program designed for families in need of short-term assistance.

The Prevention, Retention and Contingency program (PRC) is designed to assist working families in Tuscarawas County that may need short-term assistance and to help them become self-sufficient.  This program is designed to provide assistance to those that may need a little help getting back on their feet after a difficult time.

The program covers many areas for those in need of assistance.  The list of services and benefits range from vehicle repairs, driver’s license reinstatement, and job preparation services to assistance with monthly household expenses if you are off work due to a temporary medical situation like the birth of a child or recovery from surgery.

The PRC program guidelines are very stringent.  To meet the minimum qualifications for the program, applicants consisting of only one parent in the household must be employed and working an average of 20 hours a week and there must be at least 1 child in the home under the age of 18.  If there is no child in the home, but the applicant is current with child support payments they would also be considered for the program as a non-custodial parent.  The applicant is required to provide current pay stubs from their employment and a current bank statement to show their current resources that would be available.

Depending on the request from the applicant there is additional information that is required to be submitted to determine their eligibility for the program.  For example, if the individual is requesting assistance with a car repair he/she is required to provide a current driver’s license, proof of current auto insurance, 3 separate repair estimates along with their current paystubs and bank statement.

The program also follows a short time requirement so if you are applying for assistance you will need to submit all of your required information together because the agency only has 10 days to process that application once it is received.

PRC applications are available at the Tuscarawas County Job and Family office from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday.  If you have questions concerning the program please call the agency and you will be directed to the PRC representative.

As part of this exclusive Newsymom.com series, in 2018 Tuscarawas County Job & Family Services will provide a monthly article that targets important issues affecting local parents and children. 

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