Keep your toddler busy and learning with sticker line up.

Toddlers are busy and with recent studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics, screens may keep them occupied, but they may do more harm than good if overused.

So, ditch the guilt and set your kiddo up with this engaging, skill-building activity that is easy to set up, mess-free, AND keeps your little one entertained.

Sticker Line Up 

  1. Either unroll a long sheet of butcher paper or even tape a 5 or so (depending on just how busy you want her to be and for how long) pieces of computer paper together in a single line.
  2. Draw a single line in the middle of the long stretch of paper from one to the other (a consistent line). Feel free to add curves and bumps, zig-zags, and loops, whatever you’d like so long as your pencil stays on the paper and you end up with one, long line.
  3. Find as many stickers as you can and give them to your toddler.
  4. The goal, encourage your toddler to use her stickers to “trace” or follow the line you’ve created and all of the curves and twists along the way. She’ll need to place her stickers side-by-side from the start to the end of the line.

So, what kind of learning is going on here? A ton! Your toddler is working on fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, pinching techniques, concentration, patience, and more. And the best part, you can use this same approach or even more possibilities like patterning, color recognition, even literacy.

If you give this one a try we want to know how it goes for you! Send your feedback, photos, etc. to 

Have fun!



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