Keeping Kids Healthy Throughout the Summer

According to reports released by SuperKids Nutrition, the unstructured summer schedule can cause children to gain weight more rapidly.

Kids at ParkThe organization is offering a number of healthy snack and meal ideas as well as exercise tips to keep kids involved in the healthy fun.

The go to sweet snack according to the website, fresh or frozen fruits!

Officials note from blended smoothies to chilled soups and fruity salads, kids refuel, say cool and be healthy!

They offer several ideas for Tasty & Fun Summer Snacks and 10 Perfect Popsicles for Hot Summer Days.

Also, a tart raspberry, strawberry lassi and spicy watermelon pops are some of the website’s notable favorites.

An easy reminder, red is the color of your heart and red foods keep your heart healthy, may protect your body from cancer and can help with memory!

For the picky eaters, and everyone else out there, you can have fun with the healthy food presentation!

You can get crafty and turn snacking into a fun activity by creating edible and portable fruit necklaces!

Simply cut holes into the center of whole fruits like strawberries, grapes and blueberries. String the fruit through some dental floss and tie the ends together!

And Pinterest is always a great source for other fun food ideas!

As for that needed exercise, check out this source for a load of summer activities that are fun, cool and out of school!



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