Kent seeking students to travel to France, Italy and Greece!

Are you or do you have a student in grade seven through twelve? If so, have you ever wondered how tall the Eiffel Tower is?

How about learning what really happened to the village of Pompeii? Ever imagine how the ancient gladiators of Rome trained for greatness? One could simply Google it nowadays, but what if you could travel to these locations and find out for yourself? Jill Colaprete, a Dover Middle School teacher from New Philadelphia and Susan Hanna, a Fairless High School teacher from Dennison are ready to lead you on the adventure of a lifetime with The Global Citizen Program! Colaprete and Hanna have traveled abroad with area students since 2005. Together, they have traveled to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Hawaii and Australia. On August 31 and September 14, 2021, Colaprete and Hanna will host Zoom information meetings about their next adventure, France, Italy and Greece! Why not join them?

The two are currently recruiting interested students from Northeast Ohio to The Global Citizen Program to travel with them in Summer 2022. “This is the opportunity of a lifetime to travel abroad with experienced local teachers,” says Hanna. “We offer a safe and educational program that is unlike a typical tour one might enjoy because of the unique access we have to our points of interest. For instance, instead of a trip to view the Eiffel Tower in Paris, our students will get to ride the elevators all the way to the top. We’ll even get to meet the Mona Lisa face to face at the Louvre!”

“Montmartre is probably one of my favorite Parisian spots to visit because the Sacre Cour cathedral is on the hill that overlooks all of Paris. The view from there is a wonder after a climb up all those stairs! Around the corner from the church is a small alley that opens into an amazing courtyard of artists singing, or offering to sketch a portrait as a memento. All the painters are there painting and selling their works. The food and shops found in this beautiful and historical nook of Paris is a spot to awaken all of your senses as you smell the fresh crepes being made around the corner. It’s just a delight to visit!” added Hanna.
After an overnight train ride, we’ll stop in Venice, Italy to ride a gondola to the Rialto Bridge and visit St. Mark’s Square. Next, off to Florence to experience its Renaissance history and the architectural wonder of the Duomo. “The program is immersive,” adds Colaprete. “We’ll do team building rafting on the River Nera. When we arrive in Rome, we will have a guided tour through St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums. The kids even get to view the Sistine Chapel and meet a retired member of the Swiss Guard.”

Colaprete says the reason she travels is to take students to experience something they can’t learn from a book. For instance, “The students will explore the Forum and Colosseum in Rome, but we will also take them to gladiator school for an afternoon to learn the art of gladiatorial combat!” The group will wrap up Italy in Pompeii with a trek to Mount Vesuvius.

“An overnight ferry will then take us to Greece,” shares Hanna who looks forward to the dinner with local families, “One of the best ways to really get to meet a new friend is to share a meal with them. Our students will break up into groups of two to four with host families from a Greek school near Delphi. They will get to see what a typical home looks like and have an up-close experience making connections with a family that may last a lifetime! This is always one of my favorite activities of the entire program.”
Once reunited, the group will travel to the Delphi Museum and Apollo Temple. Then on to the Peloponnese peninsula to view the Corinth Canal, and to Epidaurus where one of the best preserved ancient amphitheaters awaits them. And of course, a visit to Greece would not be complete without a climb to the Acropolis in Athens! “We’ll have a guided tour of Athens on this day complete with a stop at the Parthenon and the Acropolis Museum,” says Hanna.

The Global Citizen Program is immersive, purposeful, and mindful travel in action. Each program is designed with thoughtfulness to include leadership and service opportunities. Infact, students will earn a certificate of completion of ten hours of community service upon return. Programs include a balance of sightseeing and cultural immersion as well as learning activities, like our cooking class making pizza in Italy.

“This program to France, Italy and Greece will travel July 6-23, 2022, with students from across Northeast Ohio” Hanna shares, “We will help and guide students with fundraising ideas and activities.” Tuition is all-inclusive. Students wishing to join Colaprete and Hanna should register to attend one of their Zoom information meetings to learn more. Register for August 31, 2021 at 8:00 PM ( or September 14, 2021 at 8:00 PM ( Interested families who cannot attend at these times are welcome to send an email to set up a time that best suits them. Contact Colaprete or Hanna directly at Learn more about the safety and mission of The Global Citizen Program at

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