Does Your Family Meal Make the Grade?

August is Family Mealtime Month and it is important to spend time eating together as a family, but it gives the opportunity to eat healthier. August is a great time to start getting together and eating as a family. Perhaps it is getting back into the swing of the routine after a busy summer, or the family is looking to start a family mealtime routine. There are a lot of benefits to family mealtimes. Read on to learn those benefits and how to incorporate some healthier food options into the family meals.Healthy Tip Tuesday is brought to you in partnership with Trinity Health Systems.

Why eat together regularly?
  • Meals are more likely to be more nutritious since they are planned in advance.
  • Studies show kids who eat with their families earn better test scores and succeed in school.
  • Children (and adults) thrive off routine
  • Family meals bring everyone together to reconnect.
How can we add more nutrition to our family meals?
  • Put a seasonal fruit as a side in the meal, or as a dessert after.
  • Add in whole grain once or twice a week. (The pasta or bread).
  • Try drinking 2% milk or cooking with it in the ingredients.

While eating together as a family is important. There is something to be said for having children, even from a young age, help cook in the kitchen. It exposes them to new foods and skills that otherwise they would not know about. Here is a great video sharing age-appropriate activities kids can do in the kitchen.

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