Kid Conversations: Smile Challenge 

With everything that’s going on in the world today, let’s take a moment to enjoy the humor and innocence of these hilarious kids. 

Cash – 6 years old

The other day Cash asked how we came up with his name.

so we told him….

He asked if you could just name your kids anything you wanted….

I said yes… he says I’m gonna name my kids something awesome ….

I said like what?

Thinking he gonna say spiderman or the hulk...

he says “Old Man Jenkins”

Xander – 3 years old

Mom to Xander: You know 3 years ago Mommy & Daddy were eating breakfast @ the diner before going to the hospital to have the doctor get you out of my belly!

Xander: yeah…cuz yous ate me Mommy!

Presley – 2 years old 

Me: Aunt Tim just sneezed what do you tell her?

Presley: Oh my gosh, what the heck was that?!

EV – 9 years old

Yesterday EV came for a visit after church. EV laid down with me. As we were laying there, I said to EV I am so blessed to have you as my granddaughter, I said you are so beautiful. She reached over and said no I am the blessed one, then added you have beautiful wrinkles.

Remingtyn – 16 months old 

“That…that…that.” My 16 month old says about ten words, but ‘that’ one makes for the most interesting. As I look around like a mad woman trying to pinpoint what is “that” this time around so I can tell her what it actually is…and usually that she can’t have it. “No Remi…that nice lady needs her cane, sorry honey.” 🤦‍♀️

Owen & Landon – 5 & 9 years old

Owen- “I’m moving back to Ohio to live with Aunt Jackie!”

Landon- “No, you’re not moving back to Ohio to live with Aunt Jackie because we don’t have an Aunt Jackie!”

Owen- “Oh, ok”

Landon’s always the voice if reason 😂😂


Payton – 6 years old

Doctor: So what’s going on today Payton?

Pay: Well my thumb hurts right here, and I feel like there are worms looking for honey in my throat.

Joey – 7 years old when conversation took place (Age 11 pictured)

Joey: Here Aunt Sis, I’m done with this sucker do you want it?

Me: Yeah I’ll take it, you’re not sick are you?

Joey: I sort of have a runny nose but I didn’t get any on it

Crue – 4 years old

Me: Crue, your teacher told me you have an impressive vocabulary. Did she tell you that?

Crue: Nope, but she did ask why I was still running my mouth.

Me:  👀 what?! 

Crue: haha just kidding. My dad’s the one that tells me that all the time. Gotcha again!

Nico – 2 years old 

When your child leaves a restaurant and says ” See you later Scooby shit ass” to the waitress …….

Karsyn & Landen- 4 & 7 years old when conversation took place (Age 5 & 8 pictured)

Landen: Mom, what am I going to be like when I’m 100?

Karsyn: Dead

💜 Jess

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