Labor of Laughter

The sound of a baby’s laugh…could quite possibly be the BEST sound in the world.

That moment of pure happiness and joy. The sound echoes as sweet and innocently as the small person who shared it with everyone around.

Not only is that smile to die for, but the laugh…that contagious belly giggle that every mom longs to hear…melts your heart.

I doubt anyone will argue any of that. However…I join many others who will likely argue that a baby laugh doesn’t come without long hours and patience.

Getting a baby to laugh can often relate to spending hours upon hours staring a computer screen in the office or running a bulldozer. It’s freaking hard!!!!

Not only do you have to hit high notes you never thought possible, but you are often also jumping around like a frog; smiling like a crazy, creepy clown; all while singing your best version of ‘Old McDonald Had a Farm.”

Your physical strength, diaphragm, and creativity are all tested simultaneously.

Unlike in the office, working for a baby laugh ends more times than not…with a small human staring blankly into your eyes with no explanation for what you’re doing wrong.

(Then again…some offices are just like that)

In that moment…you find yourself empty of excuses to be acting like a complete and utter weirdo. Your questionable behavior is justified when an angelic baby belly giggle follows whatever gymnastic-like move you’ve just done in sync with your best impression of a snorting pig. Without the giggle…you simply are nuts.

But…there’s one thing to always keep in mind amid these insane moments:





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