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Lake Primary Gets A Book Vending Machine

(Uniontown, OH) – What a novel idea! Students at Lake Primary in Uniontown will be able to earn books for good behavior this year & years to come.

Vending machines stocking snacks and soda don’t compare to the new addition at Lake Primary in Uniontown, OH. The PTO shared images on their Facebook of the newest installment in the hallways of the local school.

Lake Primary students are encouraged to show respect, practice safe behavior, and take responsibility this year to earn tokens for the new book vending machine. The book vending machine is fully stocked, ready to reward students with a literary prize in exchange for a golden token. When a student displays exemplary behavior, a staff member will award them a token, which can then be used as currency in the machine. The vending machine is stocked with several different books for students to choose from!

Melissa Palomba Adams, an educator in the district, commented, “This is so amazing!! So excited for our students to get these books!” Another Facebook user, parent Jessica Marie Lane, wrote, “I’ve never seen my son [name] so excited over something. He loves reading and looks forward to this so much”!

Image via Lake Primary PTO Facebook page

Lake Primary is home to the district’s kindergarteners and first graders. The “Little Streaks” are off to a great start this school year with their new machine, thanks to the Lake Primary PTO.

Audrey Mattevi, reporting 

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