Lasagna Love Spreads Kindness

Lasagna Love is a nationwide endeavor striving to freely serve our local families event those in Stark & Ashland who need some extra love.

Lasagna Love began at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in February/March of 2020.  It provides a socially distant and safe way to volunteer to serve others.  Volunteering has benefits to bring fulfillment and fun from the day-to-day routine while enhancing body and mind health.


The mission is growing and more volunteer chefs to serve Ashland & Stark as well as some to start in Tuscarawas county would be amazing!  Spread kindness in local communities by baking lasagna and delivering them to a family who requested a lasagna meal (or someone who requested for them) nearby.   The whole family can be involved and join in this service project.   Some local grocery stores are even giving discounts for chefs cooking the lasagna.  Commit as much time as you have to volunteerSign up to volunteer for just 1 time (give it a try), 1x per week, every other week or 1 time per month!  Recipes are provided through Lasagna Love if you need help!


There are over 60 counties in Ohio currently spreading kindness.   If you know a friend is going through a rough patch and could use an extra hand with dinner due to any reason (new baby, surgery, job loss, undue stress, or pressure) one can request a lasagna through their website as an upcoming dinner for their family!

Can’t cook but want to help!?

You can sponsor a local chef!

The Mission

The website explains the origin story and mission: “Lasagna Love was started at the beginning of the pandemic when the founder of Good to Mama was looking for a way to help moms in her community. She and her toddler started making and delivering meals to families in the neighborhood who were struggling, whether that struggle was financial, emotional, or simply a feeling of overwhelm.

Lasagna Love has since grown into an international movement, with thousands of people all cooking and delivering meals to families in their communities. What we do is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities. Our mission is not only to help address the incredible rise in food insecurity among families but also to provide a simple act of love and kindness during a time full of uncertainty and stress.”

Consider becoming a volunteer and baking for families in the community.  Don’t forget you can volunteer for just 1 time, 1x per week, every other week or 1 time per month!

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