Living The Slow Life

The past months of uncertainty and unexpected changes have had a profound affect on us all. As a result, more than ever, I work every day to set aside time to connect with God and make our relationship a priority. During this COVID-19 phase, God has been teaching me about living a slow life.

The purpose of slow living, for me, is to notice what is most important and stay close to God throughout the day. I did not realize how much I rush from place to place until all my appointments and plans were brought to a screeching halt! I am working to be intentional now about walking slower, instead of dragging my toddlers to keep up with my pace. I am eating slower to enjoy and really taste my food. I am unplugging from social media more, choosing my responses to frustrations with more grace, and stopping during the day to simply hold our kids and notice the beautiful colors in their eyes. The heat is helping me to run slower too, which has made me a stronger runner! I am focusing on completing one task at a time and giving it my full attention instead of multi-taking. I am working to hug Hubby when he comes home from work and simply be in that moment.

It might sound weird but being purposeful about living a slow life has been powerful and wonderful. Have you heard the phrase, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better and your better best.”? For a long time, I have been unconsciously applying that principle to life. In some ways we should always try to be better, yes. However, I think there are parts of life that do not need a label. Not every aspect of life needs to be analyzed and deemed “good”, “better”, or “best”. Some things simply are, and we need to accept them and be thankful for this gift of life. Slowing down has helped me with this.

Have you found in yourself growth and change because of this pandemic?

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