Local Mom Launches Moms Supporting Moms Social Media Program

Carrie Ruegsegger is a wife and mother of two from Dover, Ohio. Most recently she is also the founder of ‘Secret Sister. Moms Supporting Moms.’

“A good friend of mine inspired me to do this,” explained Ruegsegger. “I saw a post of hers where she got a really encouraging letter from a ‘Secret Sister’ from her work. They had all the ladies do it regardless if they were a mom or not. I just thought it was a great idea.”

She explained she went with her instinct to give it a shot and invited everyone she thought may be interested.

“I thought, what a great idea it would be for moms to come together and encourage each other,” added Ruegsegger.

Those who want to join simply sign up before January 24th. Then, participants will send encouraging letters, small care packages on holidays or birthdays or whenever they think someone may need a smile.

The program does not indicate guidelines for required spending amounts.

“If sending letters is all you can afford to do, that’s great. You’d be surprised how much an encouraging word can do for someone,” said Ruegsegger.

Ruegsegger explained she has a goal to impact moms around the area.

“Regardless if you have a great support system at home or not, hearing a compliment from another mom or getting an encouraging letter will always inspire you to press on.”

She noted she expects the program to give each mother an understanding of how much good a strong support system can create.

“We [are] all just moms trying to do our best to raise our kids and family,” she added. “No matter who you are, what you do, you are an awesome mother who is [an] even more amazing person.”

The program allows moms to not lonely get a random act of kindness from a fellow mom, but to also do something nice for another person.

“It’s kind of like getting a 2 for 1,” said Ruegsegger.

At the end of the year, Ruegsegger hopes to circle back with moms who have participated to see how they have been impacted by the program.

You can sign up by visiting the Secret Sister – Mom’s Supporting Mom’s Facebook page.

Michaela Madison Reporting


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