Looking for childcare? Coad4kids is here to help!

Coad4kis is a FREE resource designed to ensure Ohio children have access to safe, nurturing childcare environments.

Helping Hands is brought to you by coad4kids.

Coad4kids serves communities in Eastern and Southern Ohio by connecting families with local childcare providers.

For Families

  • FREE childcare finding services.
  • FREE expert child-raising information.
  • FREE ideas for children’s activities.

Coad4kids is the first place to go when you’re looking for childcare. Search for FREE to find licensed childcare providers by distance, hours of operation, and ages accepted by clicking here. Additionally, the agency has information on possible sources to help cover the cost of childcare for families who may need extra assistance. And, the staff is always available to help with parenting questions ranging from potty-training to dealing with a difficult teenager.

Learn more by visiting coad4kids.

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