Momfession – Memories.

After picking Solomon up from daycare for a long Labor Day weekend, I called my mom and expressed my need to getaway, a sentiment that so many of us share. I told her that I was thinking of a day trip to Niagara Falls just to do something, I was hoping that she would hop onboard but she didn’t exactly bite at the idea. Fast forward to early Saturday afternoon, my mom called and asked if we wanted to go to Alabama to take my granddaddy home one last time…

Her words pierced me, my granddaddy is 94 years young and doing really well; he lives on his own, he still drives, he still cooks, he even gets rid of nuisance raccoons and groundhogs—ask my husband about that LOL. Anyway, I was all for getting away but the hike to Alabama wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, especially with just a few hours to prepare. I initially said yes, then I backed out, and then somehow my parents got my husband onboard and he told me to get our things ready. I went through so many different thoughts and emotions over the next few hours.

“She didn’t want to take a day trip but is willing to drive to Alabama?!”

“Solomon is getting fussy, we shouldn’t go.”

“Should I just supplement with formula the whole trip?”

“Should I bring my pump? Where will I store my milk? That’s too much stuff to pack…”

“What all is absolutely necessary to bring for Solomon?”

“I must be crazy to agree to this last minute with a three-month old.”

A few hours later we were packed up and on our way. The drive was long and the stay was short but the memories created were priceless. It was a very bold and crazy move to pack up a baby last minute in the midst of a pandemic and drive roughly 800 miles, one way, but I am so grateful that I, WE, did. As crazy as it may have seemed, it was worth it. It was worth it to see my granddaddy swing on a swing, listen to him tell us history from his perspective, and take pictures of four generations where it started and just spend time together. We visited the Edmund Pettus Bridge, we stopped by some cotton fields, we visited Swift Creek and the Alabama River, but most importantly we created memories that will last a lifetime.

All things considered; Solomon did great on his first long road trip. He fights getting in the car seat a little harder now though. LOL.

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