Marks In The Sand

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Hi Mommas, I’m momfessing again. How y’all doin? It’s hard to believe that we are in the 3rd month of a new year. Let me catch y’all up. December was crazy! We took the kids to Disney for Christmas, did ALL the things lol and made a ton of memories. January flew by so fast I don’t even remember it. February we focused on exposing the kids to deep of black art. In every form, from movies, to digital art. Now here we are in the last week of March and I cannot believe we are finishing up spring break! Reflecting with the kids this week and ‘spring cleaning their spaces’ we had time to talk about the memories the have been making these last few months. They all said Disney was the best, especially the beach. When we were on our way home from Disney, we went to Flagler beach and the kids made all these lines in the sand. The littles made some sand mounds, Jael just wanted sand all over her and Joah carved some deep lines in the sand to make a phrase “Joah was here”. Of course, it inspired me and made me think all at the same time. 


As I pondered on what was on my mind and heart, the memory of this trip and how excited each of them were to make their mark in the sand. It reminded me that we are all striving, even as kids, to leave our mark wherever we go. It made me think of life-like the beach, the waves are constantly crushing on the shores of our lives. Sometimes the impact of the waves makes your feet sink or even slip and whew let me tell you that was my life the last part of 2022. Just wave after wave no time to brace myself. 


But furthermore, it made think about what I’m leaving as a deep line in the sand as I moved into a new year. When I stood on the beach I was overwhelmed by how vast and unknown the ocean truly is. It reminded me that the opportunities that await us this year are vast and unknown. We just have to commit to seizing our moments and drawing our own deep lines in the sand.


I want you all to think about what deep lines in the sand you are drawing. It’s the end of March. The possibilities are still vast and unknown. You can draw deep lines and proclaim, “I AM HERE”. Not giving any more energy, time or thought to where you have been or have done, but recognizing you are standing at the shore of your own time. Also remember to be gentle with your kids and give them some grace, they are just trying to leave their mark as well. It will look different from your mark, but it is theirs. Be blessed Mommas, leave your mark on today!

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