Phenomenal Mentor Highlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters Recognizes Celine Roulet

Phenomenal Mentor Highlight: Big Brothers Big Sisters Recognizes Celine Roulet – Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio wants to cast the spotlight on one of their outstanding Bigs: Celine Roulet. Learn more about how Celine’s life has been impacted by Big Brothers Big Sisters – and the change she’s made within her Littles right here on Newsymom!

Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio has been here for a while defending children’s potential – since 1973 to be exact. The program has mentored kids through eight different districts across Tuscarawas and Carroll counties because they believe every child has limitless potential! With some love, support, and a strong mentor, every child can achieve their goals.

In honor of their outstanding network of volunteers (Bigs), Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio wants to share the spotlight with a phenomenal Big each month! This month, we’re meeting with Celine Roulet.

About Celine Roulet

Tell us a little about your background!

I was born in Guatemala. I moved to the USA when I was four to Miami, Florida, then moved to Ohio at nine years of age. While in Florida, I did Big Brothers Big Sisters for part of my 3rd-grade year that I was there.

I currently work as a Help Me Grow Home Visitor, basically just supporting families. Working with kids and their different potentials is something that makes me happy. I also love to experience new things!

How did you get started as a Big?

I had a big sister when I lived in Miami, Florida, so that’s partly something that pushed me to become a Big. Then in Ohio, I participated for all four years of high school and continued it three years after that. Also, I have always known that I enjoy working with kids, so when they announced my freshman year of high school, I thought it would be a great experience! I dove into the school program. When I graduated and was attending college, I did the community-based program. I’m currently doing both programs with two different Littles.

What’s your favorite thing about being a Big?

I love seeing how the mentoring relationships grow from the start and as the kids get older.

Tell us about your current Littles! What kinds of things do you do together?

So I have two littles currently. My Little with the school-based program really loves playing different games. He recently began enjoying to learn and play Chess with me. He has picked it up pretty quickly and is enjoying trying to beat me. 

With my community-based little, we’ve been matched for five years. We enjoy doing all kinds of different things. From swimming to hiking, and even hanging out with my dog, who has as much energy as him!

Can you tell me about a time you faced a challenge as a Big?

When I started college and was two hours away, I would only come on the weekends, so it was hard to leave time open for outings as frequently.

What’s something that you wish more people knew about Big Brothers Big Sisters?

I think that not enough people know how little it requires of you! With all the different options they have, it could be a very flexible way to help build a foundation for the interest of a child.

Thank you so much for allowing us to interview you, Celine!

Can you imagine how much better our world would be if we all took part in a child’s life? The kids around us now will one day be the leaders of our world… If we jumped in to share a little time, support, and appreciation, we’d leave the world a much better place!

Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?

You can get involved as a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Central Ohio to help defend every child’s potential! Find out more by clicking the link to volunteer: Become a Big

Additionally, you can enroll your child in the program! To learn more about the program, visit online at

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