Melinda Grant – Candidate for Claymont City School Board of Education

Melinda Grant is looking to voters to re-elect her to the Claymont City School Board.

Grant was born and raised in Dennison and told both she and her husband graduated from Claymont.

She has two children, one who has graduated from Claymont and another who is a 7th grader at Claymont Middle School.

Grant is currently serving her second term. She explained, “I have a vested interest in the schools. I want the best education for my child as well as all the students in the district.”

She noted many of the concerns she had when she last ran for the seat remain the same.

“Funding is a big issue, standardized tests. I don’t have an agenda, I just go and want to do what’s best for the kids and provide the best education.”

When asked why she’s the best person for the job Grant answered, “I’m honest, I truly care about the kids.”

She cited her dedication to working several hours a week to run the booster club. “We needed someone to take over that, so we could provide the best for the athletes and the students of Claymont.”

She asked that voters look at all the candidates and urged them to be sure they all have what’s in the best interest of the kids in mind.

 “I’m born and raised a Mustang and I just truly care about the district and I just want what’s best,” said Grant.

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