Michelle Sproul – Candidate for Claymont City School Board of Education

A 2002 Claymont High School graduate is among four vying for a spot on the district’s Board of Education.

After graduation, Michelle Sproul went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from Mount Carmel College of Nursing in Columbus in 2006.

She now lives in Uhrichsville on her family’s farm where she is raising her two children, who are both enrolled in the Claymont City School District. “I am proud that they are Mustangs following in their parents’ footsteps,” she explained.

She has been an employee of Union Hospital as a Registered Nurse for 10 years with her first five years in the Emergency Department and the last five years in the hospital’s home health department.

Sproul explained to Newsymom.com that she is also an active member of the community, supporting all aspects of Claymont academics and athletics; sponsoring the young men who participate in Claymont’s Wrestling program; being an, Advisor of Boots & Chutes 4-H Club when she strives to teach children a variety of  values,  work ethic, and financial responsibility.

Sproul went on to highlight her membership at Park Christian Church where she assists with the Vacation Bible School Kids Jam.

She explained that she’s running for the position because she cares about the students, the staff and the community as a whole and wants to reestablish community involvement in the district.

As for an agenda, Sproul stressed her’s isn’t hidden. She explained her only goal is to make the District the best it can be for students and for the community.

“By definition, a  Mustang is described as a small strong horse that protects its herd,” said Sproul. “I think that describes our community well, we may be small but we are strong and we protect and stand up for each other. That’s what I plan to do if I am elected for school board because at the end of the day we are all Mustangs.”

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