Mental Health Organization Supplies Stress-Kits to Schools

(Canton, Ohio) – A mental health organization in Canton is handing out self-care kits to local schools.

Stark County Mental Health and Addiction Recovery is putting together and distributing what they’ve deemed as ‘self-care’ kits to select schools throughout Stark County. Officials note the kits are designed to help teachers and staff members deal with stress.

The white baskets have been filled with several items including stress balls, Rubik’s cubes, coloring books and more. Officials with the organization note their hope is that the baskets remind school staff members to take a moment for themselves but indicate the items can be used by anyone.

The baskets are funded in part by a portion of Stark MHAR dollars and also a Sisters of Charity grant. The move comes amid a heightened focus on youth suicide and mental health following 12 middle and high school deaths last school year.

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