Mom Finds Parents’ Choice Baby Shampoo Contains Bleach By Accident

Mom Finds Parents’ Choice Baby Shampoo Contains Bleach By Accident – On Christmas Day, a Facebook post was re-shared where a mama found out by accident that Parents’ Choice baby shampoo and wash contains bleach…If you currently use these products, find out the deets of the story and some safer alternatives to use on your kids right here on Newsymom!

On Christmas Day, a Facebook user re-posted about a mom’s story on how she found out Parents’ Choice Wash & Shampoo contains bleach in their products through an accidental spill on her carpet! She noticed when cleaning the spill that the carpet was getting lighter…

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We stumbled across the re-post here: Facebook Re-Post

We all know there are tons of chemicals in our products, but as mamas, it’s our job to make sure we limit those dangers! One thing we can look out for in baby products is the EWG rating, which is ultimately a risk rating from 1 to 10. The lower the number, the safer the product! You can also check the EWG rating of your own products right here:

Keeping that in mind, here are three recommendations on better alternatives for baby shampoo and wash:

Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo – EWG Rating = 1

You can find Aquaphor Baby Wash & Shampoo at many stores like Walmart and Target or order online! Pro tip: Aquaphor Healing Ointment (EWG Rating = 2) is a great solution for skin conditions like diaper rash, dry skin, and eczema!

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap – EWG Rating = 1

Walmart, Meijer, Rite Aid, and Amazon are all places you can find this one!

California Baby Products – EWG Rating = 1-2

California Baby products are all rated between a one and two, and the baby washes are frequently used in hospitals! From sunscreen, lotion, and lip balm, California Baby makes a wide variety of products to keep your babes safe! You can find them online and at Amazon. 

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  1. This is nonsense. You let your kids swim in a swimming pool? That is a larger concentration of bleach than is in this shampoo. I hate things like this that get blown out of proportion without people taking the time to do the research before posting. People are freaking out over nothing. Bleach is safe in small concentrations. If you’re scared of it then you shouldn’t evernlet your kids swim in chlorinated pools ever again. Think about how much water they accidentally ingest when they swim!

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