Momfession – Hannah.

Today we prepare to dedicate Solomon to the Lord. As I look at this blessing, I am simply amazed and full of gratefulness. I wanted children so badly, I endured things that few are privy to in hopes of becoming a mother. During the years leading up to his conception, I remember having a Hannah experience.

Like Hannah, I was taunted about my inability to have children. I was not necessarily taunted by certain individuals but by different situations. I found myself constantly celebrating others having children, it felt like every few months I was ordering a custom baby gift set from my Aunt Pat. It seemed like every sermon was tied to giving birth in some way. People would repeatedly ask Willie and me when we were going to have babies. What seems like an innocent question, can easily cause a lot of pain to someone that has been praying for babies.

A little less than a year before I got pregnant, I started praying like Hannah. My lips would be moving but nothing was coming out. During praise and worship at church or in my own private time, I would rub or hold my stomach and silently pray and thank God for my child(ren). Those days were rough. I even found myself praying for others to have children without knowing if it was their desire or struggle. I prayed numerous times for one particular couple and then one day I saw that God answered our prayers. They had privately endured fertility issues and God blessed them with a son.

At times it was difficult to celebrate and pray for others concerning something that didn’t seem to be happening for me. I pushed through the pain and today the child that I prayed for is seven (7) months old. With tears running down my face, I am so thankful. I prayed for this and today he will be dedicated in the very place that I said so many silent prayers and thanked God in advance. For me, this day symbolizes God’s complete and perfect love for me.


“For this child I prayed; and the Lord hath given me my petition which I asked of him: Therefore also I have lent him to the Lord; as long as he liveth he shall be lent to the Lord. And he worshipped the Lord there.”

1 Samuel 1:27-28 KJV



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