Momfession: I pray my girls find a man who loves them like their daddy loves me.

Most little girls dream of their Prince Charming, the man they hope to one day marry.


That handsome gentleman that would sweep them off of their feet with that “love at first sight” look, and the rest would be history, a happily ever after. As an adult, it just looks a little different. As a lover of most Hallmark movies, I find myself gushing over the (yes, predictable) love stories and their happily ever after’s. Where are my hallmark movie girls?!

Anyways—As we get older and begin to experience a little taste of love, and experience some good, bad, & ugly in relationships, we quickly realize that, that kind of fairytale love we see on screen isn’t quite like we remember from the Disney princess films or the Hallmark Channel. I’ve heard a time or two (or maybe 10 times) that that kind of love doesn’t even exist, that it isn’t even real. Believe me, if you would have asked me that about 9 years ago, I would have quickly agreed with you, jumping on the band wagon of complaining about unrealistic relationships. Until I actually met my Prince Charming, my better than a Hallmark Channel movie love story. For the sake of this article, I’ll skip some details and just say we were not love at first sight, or even second or third look. Try maybe a year later and two years until we actually listened to what God had been leading us to, but our stubbornness isn’t the topic of this particular story so let’s skip down to the point.

Our girls. We have 3 beautiful girls who have their daddy’s perfect blue eyes, which I love with my whole heart, but that’s not the point, again. They are only 4 and 3 years old, but I think and pray a lot about their futures and try my best to be the best example for them of a God-fearing woman, wife, and mother. I pray, sometimes, and I want to more, for their husbands, whoever they will be, wherever they are right now, for their families and for their hearts, that will come to know Jesus and accept Him into their hearts.  I’ve said before that I pray our girls get to experience the kind of love their daddy and I share with their own husbands. No, we are not perfect. We make mistakes, we argue over petty things some days, we have had to have some hard conversations that almost broke us, and we are still figuring this thing out more every day. But..BUT we have decided 110% we are in this forever. We are committed. Whatever that looks like day to day, whatever the storm, whatever it takes- because we made a promise to each other and more importantly to God.  & I love that about my husband, my best friend, – that he is all in just like I am and he always has been since we started this crazy adventure.

 I pray our girls find a husband like that.

Not everyone gets to experience the head over heals kind of love, the kind of crazy love that makes you do somewhat “stupid” things like staying up all night laughing and talking even though our alarms are set for 5 AM.

The kind of selflessness love that I’ve seen this man show, time and time again, blows me away.

The forgiveness and grace he freely gives me when I least deserve it.

The hard working, never quitting, going to give it my all, never makes a promise he doesn’t keep, kind of man.

The kind of man who challenges me to be better and push on a little longer, with his hand in mine, and even when I get mad at his honesty, I can’t deny he is right.

He encourages me, reminds me I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

He has taught me how to communicate, how to see myself through the eyes of the ones who truly love me.

He has taught me to love myself for who God has made me to be, and he genuinely tells me every day I am beautiful.

I pray our girls find a husband like that.  

He reminds me often how he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else and that he is happy it’s always me he comes home to.

He surprises me with little things that only he would know that make my heart happy, because he knows what is important to me.

He puts clothes in the dryer that I forgot to and makes my coffee most mornings when I’m still making my way to the kitchen. (I know the laundry thing sounds minor but it’s a big deal in our house)

He plays with our kiddos until everyone is laughing so hard at the silliness, we all have to go to the potty.

He is fun. The kind of fun that lets their kids play basketball in the house and drum on his very own big boy drum set. (Supervised and earmuffed, of course)

He puts God first and his family 2nd.

I pray our girls find a husband like that. 

He is a good listener and one of the best advice givers I’ve ever met.

He is multi-talented beyond what a normal human being should be, and like I say to him, he is good at everything. But he’s humble so he thinks I’m nuts and rolls his eyes when I say that to him.

He is the best kind of, faithful and dependable, friend a girl could have.

He is gentle yet stands strong on what he believes in.

He also stands by my side, even when he thinks I may be wrong, and he makes me feel safe.

We dream together and laugh and cry over old memories we’ve shared.

He is the funniest person I know and also the best rhymer-he makes me laugh so hard I don’t even have to exercise most days.

He loves me, he is in love with me, he tells me but I feel it too. I don’t have to doubt or worry or wonder if he’s going to pack up and leave tomorrow. He gives me security and takes care of his family.

I pray our girls find a husband like that.

He shows me respect and doesn’t talk badly about me, even behind my back. He is kind and even though its not always the most popular opinion, we enjoy being together and would rather do the normal everyday tasks together than apart. Our time together is important and a priority to him.

I pray our girls find a husband like that. 

He taught me about having a relationship with Jesus, how to read my bible, and he continues to show Gods love to me day after day by how he responds.

I pray our girls find a husband like that. 

It blows me away and brings me to tears sometimes, now that I know how blessed I am to experience this, better- than- a- fairytale -love, after years of feeling like I didn’t deserve to be loved like this after my mistakes and continual mess ups. But someone who loved me taught me that even the best kind of love here on earth— Gods loves for His children still surpasses that.

Once you experience love like this it puts things in perspective when you realize the one who created you loves you, forgives you, and gives you even more grace than that- it brings you to tears because of this overwhelming love someone has for you, for YOU, and you don’t quite feel worthy of it.

So, this real kind of fairytale love doesn’t exactly exist because it can be even better. Experiencing not just the good days together like the films only often show, but the low, sad, and hard days next to your best friend and the one you love the most, that’s also a gift and an extraordinary adventure that is one of my greatest treasures.

I pray my girls one day find a man who loves them like their daddy loves me, who loves his family like he loves us, and more importantly that they always know they are loved by their Father in Heaven.

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