Momfession: Obama & Trump

As a journalist…I usually avoid sharing my political opinion but my social media feeds are kind of driving me nuts. This is my OPINION:

My support truly does cross party lines. Call indecisiveness….or flip-flopping or whatever you wish. I support people, not parties. I truly believe our country needed President Barrack Obama when we got him. I don’t agree with everything he did or how he handled some very pressing issues in this country…but I still respect him for taking on the hardest job in an effort to make America better. All while maintaining a fun, life-loving attitude along the way.


I now believe we need President Donald Trump. I have not and will not agree with everything he does or says…or how he handles himself at times. But I will respect him and support him as my president. He is not afraid to go against what is popular, he can’t be bought and he’s not a career politician.


A Democrat…a Republican. To agree 100% all the time every day with someone other than yourself (and I’m not sure even that is reality) is an unrealistic goal. We have a presidential term limit, multiple political parties and a goal of a nation tolerant of differences for a reason. Every single person is unique and brings with them their own set of weaknesses and strengths.


But, Obama and Trump do have a few things in common:


1) Bravery


And most of all, both accepted an enormous weight and amount of responsibility with open arms. Regardless of whose tagline it has become…both took the job with a goal to make America great.


Picture having every breath you take analyzed. Every time you blink someone is applauding or plotting. Each corner you turn you’re being thanked and then criticized.


Express your opinion, it is your right. But have respect and appreciation for those willing to try to ignite positive change. Mistakes and failure are found on the journey to success. If someone is making a mistake…that means they are at least trying which is a step closer to the answer.


We have created a nation that not only gives out ribbons for participation but for simply being a spectator. Ask not why someone is doing what they are doing…but rather what are YOU doing in the name of betterment and change.


Do your part as an American. If you disagree…say so peacefully and respectfully. Offer enlightening and productive criticism or a differing of opinion. Offer a different point of view in an effort to achieve inclusion and equality. State your beliefs constructively and with purpose. And honestly, if someone doesn’t agree with you 100%…maybe that’s exactly who you should be talking to.


Stop throwing destructive tantrums that only continue to divide. And stop expecting perfection until the day arrives in which you are perfect.


You don’t criticize someone for trying, you offer suggestions and support to help them succeed.

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