Momfession: The ‘Sniff’ Test

Don’t act like you’ve never done it…

Some diapers have the blue line that appears when baby is wet, some are clearly squishier, and some sag…

But, that’s all for #1!!!! What about the other dirty?

Today’s Momfession: “I’ve sniffed my baby’s butt.

I say this without shame and all while knowing I’m not alone.

You may curl up your nose or shake your head in disbelief, but if you’re a parent then you completely understand.

While some #2-full diapers send a smelly radar that travels from coast-to-coast, others are more ninja-like in their presence.

Emitting only a faint smell just long enough to make a momma wonder…”what’s going on in there?”

Was it a toot…or is something more sinister?

Sure, you can pick baby up, lay baby down on the changing table, take baby’s pants off, unbutton a onesie, unbuckle the diaper and have a look…


You can hold that cute bundle of joy up in the air and perform a quick diagnostic sniff test to confirm whether or not maintenance is needed.

So if you’ve done it, don’t deny it. You’re a problem-solving machine that every day develops new-faster ways to diagnose and solve anything baby throws (or passes) your way!

You go momma!sss



2 thoughts on “Momfession: The ‘Sniff’ Test”

  1. The sniff test is way better then what my elders would do….stick there finger in and see if it comes out covered in poopy!!! ( blek) I will stick to using my sniffer. 😀

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