Momfession: She Reads Minds…

Every mom out there believes her baby is the smartest, cutest and funniest (which is how it should be)…but how many can brag about a mind reader?


Now, while this talent seems incredible and one for the record books, it isn’t as great as it may seem.

As a parent the days are long and the nights are short. When the sun shines it seems as though your LO will NEVER lay down for a moment of rest. You begin to wonder if that’s a talent in its own right.

And when the moon glows, it seems your LO sleeps…but not for long. This rollercoaster ride continues on and off throughout the rest of your days. Oh, Joy =)

Far too often, I feel as though my daughter is a mastermind with an incredible talent to either see through walls or get inside my brain. The only other ‘logical’ option is that she’s a supervillain and is playing cruel tricks on her momma as practice to one day take over the world… muhahahahaha.

There have been too many times for comfort in which, I finally get that sweet princess curled up in her bed for a midday nap. Making a fatal mistake of once again thinking I have forever, I quickly try to clean up, cook or do a few tasks before taking a momma moment.

But, at most…those busy bee chores usually only take a few minutes in an effort to actually soak up some ‘me-time.’

What I have noticed, however; is that while doing things I DON’T want to angel sleeps as if she’s floating high on a cushy cloud. She lingers in peaceful dreams with a sweet smile on her face.

But…just at the moment when relaxation begins to creep into my bones…I hear her halo shattered by horns.

A screeching cry, a terrifying whimper or a horrific little babble…stop the relaxation momentum in its tracks.

My body tenses up as if at the scariest moment in a horror film…and a tear begins to form as I pick up the broken pieces of my ‘momma-time dreams’ and creep into that soft pink room.

Even then, my hope holds strong, as I peak into her room only to see two big beautiful blue eyes staring right through me.

It’s like she knows…

She’s cute and she knows it and she uses it to see into my soul as I stare blankly back at her. A cute, crooked grin forms on her sweet face as if to say…”I’m sorry momma…were you busy?”

But, with open arms, I scoop that baby up and cherish every moment holding her tiny hand.



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