Police: “Don’t Leave Kids Alone in Cars”

“There is never a good reason to leave you’re LO in the car alone.”

It may seem like common sense to some, but it happens all too often.

North Canton, Ohio Police Chief, Stephen Wilder says even if you’re just running into the gas station or into the store, the risks far out weigh the benefits.

Chief Wilder says while there is a heightened importance in this message during the winter and summer months, it always stands true.

According to KidsAndCars.org there is a long list of ways your child can be injured or worse while in a car alone: carbon monoxide poisoning, heat stroke, seatbelt strangulations, kidnapping/abduction and more.

The website even points to fatalities in which a child was strangled by power windows.

Chief Wilder adds that there is no law in Ohio specifically prohibiting guardians from leaving children unattended in cars. However; he says law enforcement officials have other measures they can take.

KidsAndCars.org published the following statistical table related to kids left in and around vehicles unattended.


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